Plan B The ARM-LP Journal
Swimming with the sharks.

Swimming With the Sharks…

Swim with the sharks or drown with the shipwrecked crew — these are the only two choices a security consultant has in her (his) professional life.

Security, put simply, is a very tough industry to be in.

Consulting 499.

The best consultants are educators. The best educators are strong listeners who say little while they do much. Knowing what to say and when to say it follows only after a consultant knows what to listen for when a client describes a problem.

This is why security consultants must be broadly educated.

An educated security consultant, though, is not the same as a qualified security consultant.

Who is qualified?

It’s very important to combine general education with a good technical education.

  • Your undergraduate degree in information technology is incomplete without a minor in social science or arts.

Earning your degree does not qualify you as a security consultant. Here are is the essence of what you must know after your complete your education:

Relevant Provincial, State & Federal Statutes
Criminal & Civil Law
 Rules of Evidence
Surveillance Techniques
Interview Skills
 Research Techniques
 Ethics & Critical Thinking  
 Report Writing & Interpersonal Communications