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Twenty Rules of Civil Discourse

Rules 1-10

1. Being social obligates you to respect everyone present.
2. Being social does not generally require you to touch anyone; when you do, ensure you touch no part of the body that is typically covered.
3. Don’t deliberately frighten anyone
4. When social do not distract others present by singing, humming, or fidgeting with your hands or feet.
5. Be discreet when you cough, sneeze, sigh, or yawn. Try not be loud. Yawn into your handkercheif or hand as you turn your face aside.
6. Do not sleep when others speak; do not sit not when others stand; silence is a fence for wisdom; do not walk on when others stop.
7. Wear clothing in public. Dress with dignity even in private.
8. Show the same regard for the last person to join the group as you do the first. Don’t be boisterous.
9. Make certain your social space welcomes everyone. Behave with dignity. Do not dominate others or intimidate them with your behaviour.
10. To sit in a dignified manner? Keep your feet firmly on the floor. Do not cross your legs.

Rules 11-20

11. Don’t twitch or chew your nails when in public.
12. Do not intimidate others with your mannerisms. When speaking, leave room between you and others. Saying it is best done without spraying it.
13. Clean yourself when alone. If you notice filth on others, inform them. If they notice filth on you, remove it and thank them for their courtesy.
14. Do not turn your back to others when speaking to them. Neither hover nor lean about the table or desk at which another reads or writes.
15. Pare your nails, keep them clean and short, and so your hands and teeth.
16. Do not make silly faces.
17. Flattery is never appropriate.
18. When social, do not read unless it’s necessary; even then, ask permission. Do not criticise someone else’s writings unless they desire your opinion.
19. Be pleasant or grave, as the situation warrants.
20. Be casual or formal, as the situation warrants.

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