Digital ARM-LP
Digital Age Risk Management & Loss Prevention

Digital  ARM-LP means Assurance Risk Management & Loss Prevention for the Information Age.

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Digital Age Risk Management & Loss Prevention

Cyber Security Risk Information Centre

You bank online. You connect with friends, you send emails, you scope local real estate, you purchase everything from books to tires. Your routine, everyday life requires the Internet.

Online Commerce: criminals lurk.Digital ARM-LP

Everything you do online is monitored. Marketers want this information to use legally for both your benefit and theirs. Criminals, however, also want this information.

Find out here what you need to know to stay safe.


To bank and do transactions was once very time-consuming. It’s far more convenient to do these routines online:

  • check account balances
  • pay bills
  • manage credit card accounts
  • control investments and
  • set up transfers

Criminals use the Internet also. They will go to extraordinary lengths to steal your bank account number, your password, your login information or your credit card information – with your cooperation.  How?

  • Phishing: Cyber criminals create fake emails that look like ‘real’ emails from your bank or financial institution asking you to reply with personal information.
    • CAUTION | A bank does NOT use email to ask you for sensitive information (your name, password, account number, SIN)
    • Also avoid links in emails that take you to websites other than your online banking site.
  • Malware: This is malicious software that cyber criminals spread online and can get onto your computer in a number of ways. While you believe you’re banking safely, it can:
    • Steal account information by capturing your keystrokes, such as the credit card or bank card number you entered or images you’ve chosen to authenticate your identity.
    • Hijack your account and transfer funds without your knowledge. This is done with software that launches a hidden browser window on your computer that logs in and accesses your account.
  • Pharming: These attacks by cyber criminals involve redirecting your access to a legitimate website to a fake website (also known as “spoofing” that looks like the genuine one, but isn’t. It may look very similar to your online banking site and include extra fields on forms that you enter (SIN, date of birth, mother’s maiden name) and, without realizing it, you submit this information directly to your bank and to the attacker.

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