Plan BEveryone in your organisation is, or should be, a member service officer.

Frontline service issues are not always obvious, even to member service professionals, and when they become obvious it’s important that your organisation empowers staff to resolve the issue.

Loss Prevention Headquarters (LPHQ) uses the term Member Service Officer (MSO) to describe someone your community empowers to serve members.

Member service is both a skillset and mindset. It has only one goal: to meet or exceed your member’s expectations.

It’s not a great challenge, or shouldn’t be, to train MSOs. Members form opinions about everyone in your organisation. It’s inevitable. Some organisations are more or less prone to this, but it happens in every organisation.

“Faire rêver c’est un métier.”

This is the French job description on the careers website of Disneyland Paris. The English-language careers website uses this translation: “Making dreams come true is a real job.” In other words?

Goals matter, roles do not.

MSO training starts when you hire someone.

Everyone who works at Disney first completes “Traditions Training,” this includes learning from guests what Disney staff do to make vacations magical, and it also includes the Four Keys:

Safety. The first priority of every Disney employee, it may never compromised.

Courtesy. Disney’s frontline staff, “cast members,” are vital to the experience Disney wants every guest to leave with. Courtesy is behind every contact every cast member has with every guest.

Show. Cast members are professional and collaborative storytellers. They make real the stories Disney tells its guests, and they collaborate backstage, in offices, and in workshops.

Efficiency. Cast members are empowered to ensure that the work behind every is efficient. It minimises or eliminates unnecessary inconveniences.

Let’s translate this using LPHQ terms…

This Key…
Refers To…
Risk Management
Many risks lurk in a large, open space like an amusement park. Guests will suffer from dehydration, asthma, and other common ailments. Panic attacks will occur. There are also many hazards behind the scenes.
An ethic, courtesy is an obligation: a host will inspire a guest’s confidence by respecting personal boundaries.
Every show is a type of miracle: a great deal can go wrong both on stage and behind the scenes, and every show must inspire a guest’s confidence that the show will not cause harm or hurt.
Loss Prevention
The ability to do things well, successfully, and with minimal waste, efficiency measures how effectively resources (such as time, money, effort, raw materials) are used.