Loss Prevention Is A Member Service

Plan B


Every organisation must inspire confident customers (for business) or members (for organisations). The organisation shrivels, wastes away, and dies without committed partners willing to consume the services it provides.

Every organisation forms to deliver services of one type or another. How the organisation does this is very important.

It’s important to know the difference between services and service.

  • Services are intangible benefits exchanged between two parties. Membership models are especially based on this idea.
  • Service is a process to ensure customers (in the profit sector) or members (in the voluntary sector) are satisfied.

Some customer or member service occurs during a transaction: members makes a purchase, dates are booked, classes are scheduled, whatever — but does this serve the member? Somewhat, but mostly it serves the organisation. The member probably doesn’t see the service until he (she) goes to the class, and even then. Real service occurs when a problem of some sort occurs. Member service, for the member, occurs in-person, during a phone call, or via social media.

Member service is…

  • a satisfaction strategy for members
  • a loss prevention strategy for organisations, and
  • essential to the well-being of both members and organisation.

Member service inspires confidence in your members, confident members renew their membership every year — and they often bring new members in.

The Member Service Officer

Loss Prevention Headquarters trains professional member service officers (MSOs). Security and safety are each a great concern for many communities and organisations. Member service officers are trained to qualify for, and successfully complete, the examination for security guard licensing. MSOs are required to license: this imposes regulated standards for both MSO training and conduct.

Loss Prevention Headquarters, however, does not train security guards.

Some member service officers may principally provide this security service, others less so. The organisation the member service officer serves will decide the precise roles and goals they expect from their MSOs. The next series of articles will explore all aspects of LPHQ’s member service qualification program, beginning with security and loss prevention.