Loss Prevention
LPHQ: We Define Loss Prevention

What is Loss Prevention?

An essential operating concept for any organization, loss prevention uses three tools to help minimise loss:

  1. effective practices, and
  2. policies to help reduce your community’s exposure to loss, and
  3. procedures that become second nature

Service organizations of all kinds, and in particular religious non-profits, have a greater need than other organizations to adequately protect important assets – and at the same time to control what their insurance costs.

A publisher in The Metivta of Ottawa, Loss Prevention Headquarters is organized to teach loss prevention, consult, research, and publish business intelligence.

LPHQ publishes speciality media strongly influenced by learner needs. Such media is intended for use by these niche users:

  • security professionals
  • workplace welfare professionals
  • community-based risk managers

Your Membership CARD

A loss prevention strategy and certification program, CARD means…


Every ARM-LP program and service is about your community, not what Loss Prevention Headquarters or its trainers thinks your community is (or should be).

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