General Post Orders is a Loss Pevention Headquarters policy. This LPHQ policy explicitly states the conduct required of all member service officers and establishes the best practices communities will find useful when empowering the member service officers they appoint.

Security contractors are experienced authors of post orders. The GPO requires  communities to empower one or more trusted servants to develop both post orders and special post orders with the contractor.

  • Post orders clearly specify what a member service officer routinely does to serve her (his) membership.
  • MSO duties, expectations, responsibilities, obligations, and routines are most effective when given in writing. Post orders ensure accountability: it’s very important to ensure that...
1 2 3 4
Post orders exist and are up-to-date. The MSO reads and understands the Post Orders Special Post Orders are in place when called for by a community’s unique needs Post orders include emergency contact information
  • Letters designate content specific to your community.
A Introduction B Executive Summary C Conduct Code
D Job Training Checklists E Member Service Policies F Special Post Orders or Assignments
  • Numbers designate specific policies that must be included in the community’s post orders.
1 Access control 2 Personnel security 3 Emergency response
4 Law Enforcement 5 Life Safety 6 Duties To Report and Record


1 A. Building hours
B. Restricted areas
2 A. Identification card policies
B. Visitor policies
C. Drug/alcohol policies
D. Sexual harassment
E. Workplace violence
F. Privacy/HIPAA
3 A. Fire/evacuation
B. Weather/shelter in place
C. Hostile intruder
D. Utility/power outages
E.  Emergency notification
4 A. Contacting police for assistance/report crime
B. Use of force
C. Criminal trespass
D. Search and detention
5 A. Hazard communication
B. Bloodborne pathogens
6 A. Incident reports
B. Accident reports
C. Daily logs
D. Inspection reports
E. Lost and found

Important Ideas

Post Orders are policy statements ARM-LP members and subscribers must enable to ensure compliance with ARM-LP’s General Post Orders. Post orders clearly outline MSO duties, responsibilities, and expectations. Post orders ensure accountability.

Special Post Orders are policies an ARM-LP community enacts to meet unique needs.

Member Service Officer means…
(a) someone an ARM-LP community designates as a trusted servant to ensure the safety and well-being of the community’s members, and
(b) someone ARM-LP authorises to provide general advice with respect to security and loss prevention to members of the community.

Trusted Servant means a volunteer or employee in an ARM-LP community who accepts responsibility for ensuring member needs are well met.